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About Waimarama

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When you book time away at Waimarama you get to enjoy a piece of Tongariro riverside history. We’ve tried to retain the look and feel of the original homestead that was for many years a focus of riverside social life. The rough-sawn, black stained kauri weatherboards and rimu matched lining interiors are from days long gone. The open fires may be environmentally suspect to some, but they are an indelible part of the Lodge’s charm.

That charm is combined with all of the conveniences required to enjoy the river and its surroundings and then to repair to the warmth of a log fire in the evening. If you enjoy cooking, the Lodge house kitchen will reward you. Your host is a fairly good culinary operator, so has made sure that all likely requirements are provided for.  The large antique dining table will accommodate your entire party for that end of day meal at which the fish (both landed and not) gain in size and number with each telling of the tale. And at the end of the evening, you and your party will slip off to sleep hearing only the distant rush of the river as it passes under the moonlight.     

If Waimarama sounds like the place for you, we'd love to receive your booking enquiry.

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  • +64 21 627 737