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Other rivers of the Taupo fishery

Tauranga Taupo
                                          An upper reach of the Tauranga Taupo River
In addition to the mighty Tongariro, there are several smaller rivers and steams which carry trout year round and repay the diligent angler. All are within a short drive of Waimarama Lodge.

Entering Lake Taupo at the small village of Hatepe, the Hinemaiaia stream has both narrow and more turbulent waters. Much of it requires a deft touch and for part of the year it may only be fished below the bridge carrying the main highway.

Further north, the Waitahanui River emerges into Lake Taupo at a rip which has changed greatly with weather conditions but is often a very popular (ie crowded) fishing spot. There are quieter waters further upstream and it is not unusual to see large "Brownies" basking there in quite shallow pools, arrogantly ignoring all that is cast their way.

Closer to home, the Tauranga-Taupo River (above) is a larger size, with a very deep entry to the Lake, which can be dangerous for wading. It fishes well year round, because of its relatively shallow gravel course.

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