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Terms of Business


  1. Rental agreement: By booking Waimarama Lodge you agree to abide by these terms.
  2. Forward Bookings: We normally accept bookings up to four months in advance. As an example, bookings for December and January can be sought from the prior September and October onwards. This is to be sure that we can honour our forward commitment to you and because we have had instances of long forward bookings being made to "hold" time at the Lodge, then being cancelled, with other guests turned away in the meantime. 
  3. Bookings and payment: When you make a booking request, we will contact you to confirm arrangements. We love being hospitable but reserve the right to decline a booking for any reason. If your booking request is accepted, we’ll ask you to pay a deposit by direct transfer to our account. If you are paying by bank transfer from overseas, you must bear all bank charges. Your deposit will be no less (and may, at our discretion, be more) than 50% of the total payment due for your stay, according to our rental rates and charges, which you can see here. Your booking is not confirmed until we receive your deposit. If your booking will be taken up shortly after your reservation, we will ask for full payment in advance. Payment for the balance of your rental charge is due one week before arrival, also by direct transfer. If you wish to make payment by credit card, we accept Visa and MasterCard but a 2.5% service fee will be charged. If you pay by direct transfer, we will still require your credit card details to cover any incidental costs of your stay. Don't be offended, but to verify all bookings, and to meet our insurance requirements, we will ask for the names and addresses of all members of your party before confirming your booking.
  4. Cancellations: We're sorry, but if you cancel at any time after any payment to us, your payment is non-refundable. However, if when cancelling you reschedule to another confirmed booking within twelve months, we are happy to carry your payment forward against that on a pro-rata basis. As examples: if you cancel a 7 night stay and re-book for 5 nights, we'll carry forward five-sevenths of your deposit to the later booking. If you cancel a two night stay but re-book for three, we will carry forward your full deposit to the later booking. If you cancel with less than two weeks’ notice before the start of your stay, and before you have paid the balance of your rental charge, we may charge your credit card with a cancellation fee. This will be equivalent to 2 nights rental for your party or the balance of the total due for your stay, whichever is the lesser.
  5. Number of occupants: We'd love to say, "The more the merrier", but have to limit the number of occupants in the Lodge house to 6 and in the cottage to 2. Tents and caravans in the grounds are also not permitted… no cheating! Our rental charges are based in part on the number of guests in occupation and if more guests arrive than are covered by your booking, extra charges will arise. 
  6. Children: Waimarama isn’t really set up for young children. One of the Lodge house bedrooms has two single beds that can perhaps cater for kids who are older. Unfortunately, we have had some instances where children have not treated the Lodge well. If you would like to visit with children, we encourage you to discuss this with us at the time you inquire about a booking. Note that if children do accompany you, they are entirely your responsibility and recovery for damage or loss will not be excused by youth (see rule 11 below). Children count for guest numbers. 
  7. Arrivals and departures: Not before 2pm on the date of arrival or after 11am on the date of departure. Depending on other bookings, early arrival and/or late departure can be arranged, but could involve an extra charge. Before you arrive we’ll provide you a lock code to access the Lodge House and tell you how to access the key lock-box on site, so that you can unlock the property which will otherwise be readied for your arrival. If you have booked the Lodge house only, don't try to use the cottage key in the lock box because the cottage alarm will not have been deactivated for your stay and you will get a fright (and potentially a call-out charge as well). 
  8. Telephone and internet: Guests invariably use their own cell phones. We hope that you will enjoy some tranquility and calm during your stay but if you can’t survive without those emails, complimentary Wi-Fi is available in the Lodge house, subject to reasonable use. We'll provide you with details of the Wi-Fi password before your arrival.
  9. Smoking and the open fire-places: Your host enjoys a cigar with the best of them but makes a point of doing so only outside. So, strictly no smoking indoors and take care please with cigarettes, matches, etc, outside, especially in dry hot weather. Smoking indoors will require us to clean and deodorise interior fabrics and carpets and will incur an additional charge. Not everyone is used to an indoors open wood fire. There is an open fireplace in both the Lodge house and the cottage. Care should be taken in laying and lighting open fires, especially to avoid lit wood, sparks and embers falling from the fireplace onto the carpet. Please use the fireguard at all times. If embers cause damage, rule 11 applies! 
  10. Pets: Unfortunately, one person’s pet is another person’s allergy so we have to say "no pets" I’m afraid, even outside.
  11. Damage to or loss from the Lodge: There is really only one rule. If you break it, take it or lose it, you have to pay for it. Same if you leave the place in a mess of if any special cleaning is required. To proceed with your stay you will need to provide us details of a valid credit card and you agree that we may charge your credit card with all damage repair costs, loss replacement costs and extra cleaning costs that arise from your visit. We will advise you of these before charging your card. Whether extra cleaning is needed will be based on the independent assessment of our cleaning staff after your departure and is final. If you lose the keys to the property you will be responsible not just for meeting the costs of replacement keys but also for the cost of replacing all locks in the property affected by the compromise of security and you agree to these costs being charged to your credit card. We recommend that if you are travelling away from the Lodge for any time, you secure the keys in the lock box on site and scramble the combination and then lock the front door using the electronic touch pad. Of course, all keys should be secured in the lock box when your stay is over and the font door should be locked as you go. 
  12. Injury or loss to you and to us: If you are hurt or suffer loss or damage while in residence, we have no liability. These things are down to you entirely. Take care of yourself, your family and guests, and your possessions. If you are not on the premises at any time during your stay, be sure to lock up; both the Lodge House and cottage can be deadlocked and alarmed. If we lose anything or damage arises because you leave the place insecure during your stay, rule 11 applies and our insurers are likely to chase you! 
  13. Cleaning Fish: We enjoy the preparation of the catch as much as anyone, but fish must never be cleaned in the house or the cottage. The old smoke house immediately behind the house has a bench area for this, but must be cleaned after each use in the interests of hygiene. Dispose of fish remains carefully. These should not, under any circumstances, be left or placed in the river. Wrap them in newspaper and put them out with the household rubbish (see rule 15 below).
  14. Outbuildings: Apart from the smoke house and the cottage (if let for your stay), access to outbuildings is not permitted, except that cut firewood may be taken from the guest wood store that is beside the double garage. Although it sounds strange, for safety’s sake the smoke house should not be used to smoke fish, and alternative arrangements for this can be made with a professional smoke house locally or in Taupo.
  15. Rubbish disposal: We ask that if you are in residence on a Tuesday you put out your rubbish for collection. Official yellow rubbish bags are supplied. They should be firmly secured and left at the roadside, outside the Lodge gate. Bottles and other recyclables should be left in the same place in the small green bin that is on the front porch of the House. All of this is just in case you miss such little domestic chores!
  16. Library: This is a special element of the Lodge. Our requests concerning the library are set out in a summary on the sideboard in the library itself. Generally we ask that you use and enjoy the library, but leave it as you found it. If you’d like to add to it, you are very welcome to do so and to inscribe your gift with a message and your name for future guests to see. Please don’t treat the library as a lending institution or swap-mart. When you go, all the books stay, okay?
  17. Extra Linen and cleaning: The Lodge is thoroughly cleaned and the bedrooms and bathrooms dressed with fresh linen and towels before you arrive. A standard cleaning charge applies to each rental (see our rental rates page), however if you need the place cleaned or fresh linen or towels provided during your stay, that can be arranged at your request, but an additional charge applies. For incidental cleaning there is cleaning equipment in the kitchen and a vacuum cleaner in the laundry, all of which you are welcome to use if you need to.

If all this seems in order, we'd love to receive your booking enquiry.

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