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Our Covid-19 cleaning promise



Thanks for your interest in staying at Waimarama Fishing Lodge. In these times of uncertainty about sharing space with others, we thought you would want to know the approach we are taking to ensuring the cleanliness of the Lodge for your safety, the safety of other guests and that of our staff, should community transmission of COVID-19 reappear.

  1. Time between bookings: The scientific advice is that the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 can remain on hard surfaces for up to three days but a much shorter time on soft surfaces such as carpets and fabrics. Accordingly, if we are required to move up from the Orange Alert Level, we will not be booking people into the Lodge unless there are at least three clear days between stays, to prevent transmission from surfaces, allow time for safe cleaning and for our next occupants to safely come into the property.
  2. Cleaning process: Whatever the Alert Level, our cleaners are dedicated to ensuring that all hard surfaces are thoroughly cleaned down with bleach-based solutions. The advice we have received is that, even if certain cleaners are in short supply, good old-fashioned bleach-based solutions will kill anything that remains alive on domestic surfaces. Special attention will be paid to surfaces in the kitchen and dining areas, and the bathrooms. But care will also be taken to clean down surfaces throughout the Lodge. Carpets and curtains will be regularly cleaned and vacuumed. If warranted by the prevailing Alert Level, our staff will wear suitable protective equipment while cleaning and setting up the Lodge for your stay.
  3. Linen services: All linen used in the Lodge is cleaned after each stay by Diamond Linen Group. The COVID-19 virus is unable to tolerate heat and Diamond's washing and drying procedures both operate at temperatures that do not allow the virus to survive. This is known as thermal disinfection and all linen used in the Lodge is thermally disinfected to the standard expected by the overseeing body for the food quality industry. Therefore, we are 100% confident that, in the very unlikely event of contamination, any affected items will have no trace of the virus after this processing.

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