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History - Dr Ron Kennedy's legacy

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For many years Waimarama Lodge was the home and surgery of the first doctor in the local community, Dr Ron Kennedy. A World War Two veteran of the Royal Navy and sometime Medical Officer of Health, the Doctor’s passion for books was the genesis of the substantial library that is still available for the enjoyment of Lodge guests. Though he passed away some time ago, Dr Kennedy is remembered with affection by many people in the district. His home was a focal point of social life on the river in the 50's and 60's and the present owners have even met people who, as children, accompanied their parents to garden parties in the grounds of Waimarama. The Lodge is still known by locals of that time as “Ron Kennedy’s place”. 
The house was one of the first substantial homes built on the banks of the Tongariro in the early 1930’s and the Doctor is thought by many to have picked the best spot on the river for his home.  The Lodge is sheltered beneath mature trees, many of which were planted by Dr Kennedy. The house is a landmark on the Tongariro riverbank, not least because of the towering Copper Beech tree that marks the entrance to the property and is one of Dr Kennedy’s notable legacies. 

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